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10 Christmas Hacks from TeamYo

Christmas Hacks

How to minimise the damage and still have a good time.


Hi Team You've worked hard on your body and nutrition all year and here it comes.... Party season, miniature chocolates and mulled cider at every turn! So what can you do, just give in and go for it?

If you do I will be there at the other end to help you pick up the pieces.

If thats not for you here are some damage control hacks. #1Cycle Calories You went to the christmas party and blew your calorie budget so far out the window it was felt in the North Poll. The next day you have an energy surplus in your body so reduce your calorie intake especially if you're not exercising and instead recovering in front of the telly. #2 Drink Water Sorry guys! I know its bloody annoying but help your liver get all that shit out your body, drink water with some real lemon and lime juice to restore ph balance and detoxify. When you eat loads of carbs your body retains fluid which makes you feel very bulky, drinking lots of water reduces water retention! #3 Hold Them Horses Hold off as long as you can, or, as above, cycle naughty days. By doing this you will still enjoy yourself but minimise the weight gain. I know it feels easier to just stuff your face every day until January the 3rd but if you splice intermittently there will be a lot less work to do when you wake up from your carb coma. #4 Flat Stomach Hack Wearing a body con to the christmas party? Eat salad for at least a couple of days before hand, go high on protein and even fats (good ones) but stay off heavy carbs. Eat cucumber, celery, lettuce, tomato and avocado and guess what? Drink loads of water and peppermint tea. #5 Exercise When You Can Even if you are too busy to exercise as much as you normally do try and do something. Even 10 mins HIIT is better than nothing and it will make you feel much better. PS. I will be around in between Christmas and New Year. #6 Its OK To Say No (thank you) Your diary will be filling up with parties so take a look at the days you are not going to events and say no to the endless supply of mince pies at work. By saying no you will make others feel bad for stuffing their faces but thats up to them. You are in charge and if you feel you'll eat it and not even enjoy it, don't bother, wait and eat something you really will enjoy. #7 Know your alcohol Red Wine 175ml = 150 cals Cider pint = 350 - 400 cals White Wine 175ml = 150 cals Beer pint = 230cals Gin and tonic =220 cals Vodka shot = 65 cals Dark Rum Shot = 60 cals White Rum shot = 66 cals Drink with DIET mixers #8 Christmas and New Year is only 4 Days! Enjoy yourself but don't make yourself miserable by overindulging every day of the entire month. #9 Peppermint Oil Capsules Stock up on these, they are magnificent for digestion and trapped wind which can triple the size of your stomach. They are gentle and natural and work quickly. #10 TeamYo to the rescue I will open up shop right up until the 23rd if you want me to and Im happy to put on a few classes on the 27th, 28th and 29th if you want this let me know.


Miniature chocolates

Ok so we know chocolate isn't great for you but if you eat 4-6 of these every day you will gain at least 1 pound of body fat a week. So if you hold off until nearer the big day you will minimise the damage.

TYPICAL VALUES PER 100g Energy (Kcal) 475kcal about 4-6 sweets Protein 4.5g Carbohydrate 65.0g Fat 22.0g Fibre 0.5g salt 0.30g

In other words if you add 500 calories to your normal intake every day you will gain 1 pound of fat a week. It comes off a lot slower than that.


Summer bodies are created in the winter. Book a class with TeamYo today.

The next Bootcamp will start on the 9th of January. Contact:


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