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How to Transform Part 3- Focus

How to become fitter, healthier and stronger Focus On Bootcamp we teach about hoe to use focus. In the last video we needed to know what our goal is and now we are going to use focus to move us a step closer. You have to know what direction you are going to move in. Now you can focus and move your eyeballs and move in the right direction. How you get there is your decision to make. Do it on your own, do it in a group or do it with guidance from people who know how. Make a decision on what advice to follow based on what you think will work for you. When you make a decision you have already changed as a person, you have opened you mind and allowed the possibility of something new in. When I speak to people they give me a huge list of things that they've tried which we think is fine because you are going through the process of finding out what isn't right for you. The only down side is the constant feeling of wasting time and disappointment. You can choose to see that as a learning process instead. Focus on what you want, not on what you don't want! When you do make a decision to change you are also making a commitment. The commitment is more to yourself than it is the method. Next up...Fear!

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