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NEW TeamYo Choreography 'Swalla' by Jason Derulo

How does Zumba impact on my fitness goals?

- Create a calorie deficit of about 500 cals per session

- Increase fitness level (many customers have run marathons from doing my classes)

- Stronger leg and booty muscles

- Increased stamina and motivation

- Zumba lifts your mood beyond belief!

- Increase coordination and brain activity

- Increased bone density and strengthen your stabilising muscles

- Better balance and agility

- Your confidence and self esteem will steadily improve

Can anyone come and do TeamYo Zumba?

YES! Its fun, ridiculous, silly and a bloody thorough workout.

I feel scared to start going to a class....

Every single person that comes to my classes are super friendly and welcoming. You're joining a team, we all want to have fun and feel fit so thats what we focus on.

I won't know the moves

It takes about three goes to get the moves down.

Like doing anything new you need to be ready to learn and determined to improve. I never let my customers stagnate or get comfortable because thats not what Im about. Theres no progression in comfort.

Will I be the least fit person in the room?

You might be! I have people attend with a huge range of ability Im just happy they all made the decision to come along.

Being at a class and making an effort to move and learn and be part of something positive is a billion times better than sitting on the sofa watching TV.

Do I need to improve my fitness before attending a class?

No, no, no! We all started from a base level of fitness, even me, so the sooner you start the better. You'll be amazed at how quickly your body improves after a few go's.

Do I need to be coordinated?

If you are enjoying yourself then everyone is happy, end of story. Plus a bit of brain washing from me goes a long way.

Book a class:

See my timetable here on my website

FaceBook page and book onto a class in my events.

Bring a friend and you both get the first class half price.

Where am I teaching?

Vantage Point New England Street Brighton, East Sussex

BN1 4GW United Kingdom Open 10:00 am – 10:00 pm Tel: 01273 699 902

Things you DO need:

- A good sports bra

- Knickers that don't go up your bum

- A top that doesn't ride up

- Supportive leggings that don't fall down

- Trainers with a flexible soul

- Fire in your soul

- A personality for showing off

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