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Christmas Choreography - please share *

Zumba is a HUGE success because its fun, its also a bloody good workout!

Rocking Robin by the Jackson Five - with Bridget and Ellie - filmed at Bird Studios -

Struggling for motivation?

The trick is to forget the end goal, enjoy the journey, put in the work and you will just get up one day and see it in the mirror. The improvement will be undeniable, other people will notice and compliment you and you will simply reply with "thank you".

Can anyone come and do my class?

Um YES! Like doing anything new you need to be ready to learn and be determined to improve. I will never let my customers stagnate or get comfortable because thats not what Im about. Theres no growth in comfort.

Will I be the least fit person in the room?

You might be, who knows, thats the risk you take.

Remember the less fit you are the quicker you will improve yay!

I have people attend with a huge range of disabilities, injuries, low self esteem, different body shapes and ages. Im just so happy they all made the decision to take action and come along. Being at a class and making an effort to move and learn and be part of something positive is a billion times better than sitting on the sofa watching TV.

How long will it take to learn the moves?

Umm who ever walked into a dance class and already knew the moves before they started?! Everyone in that room including me knows it takes about 4 goes before the choreo starts to sink in and thats called being a normal person so don't be so hard on yourself.

Do I need to improve my fitness before attending a class?

No, no, no! Please stop worrying and just get stuck in. We all started from a base level of fitness, even me, so the sooner you start the better. You'll be amazed at how quickly your body improves after a few go's.

Do I need to be coordinated?

Now, some people are very un coordinated and some less so. Does anyone care? If you are enjoying yourself then everyone is happy, end of story. Plus a bit of brain washing from me goes a long way.

Where am I teaching?

Vantage Point New England Street Brighton, East Sussex

BN1 4GW United Kingdom Open 10:00 am – 10:00 pm Tel: 01273 699 902

Things you DO need:

- A good sports bra

- Knickers that don't go up your bum

- A top that doesn't ride up

- Supportive leggings that don't fall down

- Trainers with a flexible soul

- Fire in your soul

- A personality for showing off

See my timetable here on my website or on my FaceBook page and book onto a class in my events. Bring a friend and you both get the first class half price.

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