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New Zumba Track

Get ready to sweat, shake that booty & have FUN!!!

Introducing my TeamYo girls Tracey, Tilly and Goolia (my sister) working out to Ariana Grande's 'Into You'. Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE :)

You're going to learn some fresh moves to this routine. Feel free to stop and go back to review anything that you may have missed. And always remember that it's NOT about getting every move's about that WORK!!!

TeamYo holds loads of classes all week at Bird Studios near London Road, Brighton. We got booty-shaking cardio dance, boot camps, Insanity HIIT and total body weight training for those of you that want a seriously tight and lean look. TeamYo has the most fun way to burn calories and tone your booty.

Visit my website or FaceBook page to book a class.

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