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How to Transform Part 2- The Goal

How to become fitter, healthier and stronger

The Goal (its OK to want everything)

In order to achieve something you have to know exactly what it is you want!

Sounds obvious and a quite / very annoying.

The importance of knowing what you want is to steer your mind, your life in the right direction.

We speak to countless women who tell us they want to be fit, strong and healthy and then they follow this statement with "Im not bothered about the weight". Its OK to want all of it, including weight loss but you HAVE to declare it to yourself and to whoever is going to be guiding you.

So lets have the truth please.

Own it, claim it, make it yours and in order to arrive you will have to believe you can really have it. How many people do you know that say they want to be fitter but never reach that goal?

Commit to yourself is next on the list. Commitment yourself. You will only ever be committed if you believe in what you are doing so the goal, the commitment and the belief all work together!

Part 3 coming soon...Focus

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