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Would you like to train with me?

For beginners the gym or, in fact any self improvement venture can be very intimidating. Have you always wanted to know what it feels like to optimise your bodies capability, do you wonder what it feels like to be toned and lean? Would you like to know how to improve certain areas of your body and know that you are using effective exercises and correct form? Well, I can show you if you are ready! Ive lectured your ears off about the benefits of strength training and good nutrition but actions speak louder than words so now its time for me to show you. Why train with me? I offer specialist training that promises to tone and strengthen your body by using weights I will assist you to develop a firm, sculpted body that has just enough definition to create curves in the right places. I also strongly advise that you take on a nutritional plan but this is not compulsory however it will optimise and accelerate your outcome. Will I end up looking like you? No, not unless you want to but that would also take quite a long time. Can I change my body quickly? In short yes you can do it relatively quickly but its not good practice. Fat can be reduced at speed but you will lose muscle mass which weakens the body and leaves you feeling like a soggy biscuit. The method I have developed brings muscle mass up and fat down at a similar rate which means you are firming up as well as slimming down. This is called optimising body composition. The more sessions you have the quicker the results will be. Can I work on one or two areas of my body that Im not keen on? Absolutely yes! Im working with people who need to strengthen their glutes and we spend the hour working on just that. Im also working with women who are getting married and need their arms and shoulders to look sculpted for their special day. Where would I be working out? Im currently training people at the fitness Hub which is behind Bird Studios. Its a small exclusive gym that mainly has people also attending PT sessions. Theres a very friendly atmosphere and the perfect amount of equipment to get a thorough workout. You can also have training in studio 1 at Bird which would mean you would have total privacy however the equipment isn't as varied but I can still train you effectively with what we have. Do I train people outside? No Im not keen on this type of training as its not my area of expertise however I know lots of people who do this kind of training. What if I have an injury? Before we go ahead I will hold a free consultation with you which depending on what needs to be discussed takes about an hour. You will need to disclose anything that is relevant to taking on a training programme. If I think you need to be referred to anyone I will let you know. At the fitness Hub we have all kinds of therapists who can remedy all sorts of problems.

Get in touch with me to arrange a meeting and we will make a plan to get your body how you want it. Simple as that! Contact Yolanda:

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