# 2 Why you are not losing fat (Exercise)

Many people rely on working out several times a week to maintain their weight. A lot of those people really enjoy this lifestyle and find the gym or studio a sociable place to be.

The one thing we know for sure is you can NOT out train a poor diet

Everyone seems to be in denial about this fact. Its true that you can create a calorie deficit which means you can eat more day to day which is great but you cannot 'reverse' the detrimental health affects of crap food and drink, especially drink, lets just be VERY clear about that.

1 pound of body fat has roughly 3500 cals so in order to shift 1 pound of body fat a week we will need to create a deficit of 500 cals a day for a week. Now you can do this with diet or exercise or a combination of both.

If you get hooked into exercising 5 times a week you will have to maintain this basically forever and we all know that shit goes down and you can't always make the time to workout this much.

Then theres the plateu where your body adapts to everything you are doing. At this point its time to look at what you are doing to your body from every angle and that means everything:

Calories intake

How much you work


Water intake

Vitamin supplements


If your body is constantly in a calorie deficit it probably needs a little break to repair and get everything firing up again. If you don't give your body a rest from calorie deficit it will have a knock on effect to your hormones and result in weight gain anyway.


The old classic, especially the ladies! I need to lose weight fast, I will go and do a ton of cardio yeh? Errr No ladies please hold them horses.

Overdo cardio and eat next to nothing

Over exercise and poor nutrition will make your body do anything it can to hang onto fat and cellulite. When your body lacks energy it stores fat because fat is energy and it needs that energy for other stuff like keeping you alive. Your body is a survival machine, bottom line, thats how it makes decisions based on survival, simple as that.

Cellulite and / or fat that you are storing is your body saying 'hey I need this stuff because you are working too hard and not feeding me enough' this physical state will very often impact on your emotional well being, most commonly making you feel anxious and angry or grumpy. You see your body knows your routine and tries to keep the energy there ready for when you need it.

The perfect body

Its very hard to accept but there are NO flawless bodies ok. Famous people do not disclose what they are doing but they are doing a lot of things including a lot of photoshop. So comparing yourself to them is setting yourself up for disappointment.

How to get it right?

Understand The Facts about Yourself

Fact #1:

Women burn more (carbohydrates) for energy at rest but burn more fat during exercise than men. In general, sedentary women are going to always favor the use of carbs for energy, making it harder to lose fat because we don't prioritise tapping into fat stores for energy.

Fortunately, during exercise, women actually get a greater amount of energy from body fat than men do. This means that exercise is a catalyst for women to improve their bodies’ overall ability to call on fat for fuel, and it makes them more metabolically flexible.

Do this:

If you are a woman who wants to lose body fat, exercise is essential to improve your body’s ability to use fat for energy.

Fact #2:

Body fat distribution is different in women from men & this has a large effect on how their bodies respond when they try to lose fat.

Women store more fat right below the skin, whereas men have more of the dangerous visceral (around organs) and belly fat.

Lower body fat: