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How to Transform Part 1- Your Story

Your Story...

How to become Fitter, Stronger and healthier

We all want to feel the benefits of a healthy body but somehow our story seems to get in the way. We tell this story to ourselves and to others.

We speak to a lot of people who tell us how they are feeling about their weight and fitness levels. We have made a list of the most quoted stories people tell us:

I'm too lazy

I'm disappointed in myself

I feel embarrassed

I'm off track and can't get back on

I'm exhausted

I'm lost

I'm scared

I don't know how

I can't motivate myself

I don't like working out on my own

I'm worried I will hurt myself

I'm frustrated with myself

I feel helpless

I don't like healthy stuff

Life's too short to be healthy

I like alcohol too much

This list represents a message from you, to you! We all have a choice wether or not we listen to, or act upon these feelings.

We have listed 2 examples of what often happens if you ignore or listen, act upon this:

Example 1 (you ignore)

You get up for work in the morning and have a hot chocolate for breakfast because its going to be a hard day and you deserve a treat. You complete hard working day and get a pizza and a bottle of wine for dinner because you feel stressed and you need to wind down. You wake up the next day and life is still hard so you choose the hot chocolate again...You see how the loop is self perpetuating!

Example 2 (you listen)

You get up at 5am, you rummage for trainers and a water bottle and off you go for a run. You've never been running but its free and convenient so running it is! You finish your run, you feel on fire, you are BACK ON IT, nothing will stop you this time. You keep it up for three days and then you are struck with an injury and can't do any exercise. You are left feeling frustrated and demotivated and so the cycle continues...

So, how can you exit this annoying situation?

Part 2 coming soon - The Goal

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