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6 Week Transformation Bootcamp

Are you fed up with failing?

Are you unsure if your nutrition plan really works?

Would you benefit from having a designated coach?

Want to look in the mirror and be happy with what you see?

We are looking for people who are ready for change. Who are motivated and want to make a break through to achieve their body shape goals.

Its time to put behind your excuses and be honest with yourself. Do you say you're going to get into shape year after year but then find you can't stay on track?

Make a significant change in your body shape and mindset in 6 weeks,

You will finally have the knowledge, skills and mindset to see this through.

We create accountability and empower you with the confidence to finally achieve your body shape goals.

What you get:

- Fully customised nutrition plan

- Designated coach who will be there to provide you with motivation and support.

- 5 training sessions a week at flexible times to suit you.

- Community FaceBook page to help each other and share tips.

- Understanding of what you should eat and when to optimise your body composition.

- Rid yourself of frustrations and guilt and get the body you deserve.

This training is for a specific type of person who is prepared to change many aspects of their life and commit to themselves to get the shape they want.

Starts 8th of August - Follow the link to book:!book-online/cvzp


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