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Paleo Tried and Tested

Paleo, caveman or hunter-gatherer diet - whatever you want to call it - this is a diet based on foods presumed to have been consumed by own ancestors. Taking on the Paleo diet means consuming lean proteins and high quality fats such as unprocessed oils, avocado and nuts but also consuming a ton of veggies

The diet is based around the agriculture of 10,000's of years ago which means cutting out the modern foods which have been gradually introduced into our diets. This includes, grains, wheat, sugar and processed nut&seed oils.

It's simple really, eat foods that are grown and raised without being messed about with by the food industry! For me, I try not to over complicate it, if it comes in a box with a list of ingredients - LEAVE IT ALONE! Make food the single ingredients for your meals. One of the biggest aims of this diet is not weight loss, but healing diseases such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, autoimmune diseases and diabetes type 2 - which I obviously support fully!!

Obviously it's important to be realistic, in that, we do not live in the same society as cavemen! We are surrounded by non-Paleo foods in today's society and it is essential to understand that there will be situations where you will not be confident about the ingredients on your plate - and I believe it's also important to accos

Here is a rough idea of what I have been eating during the day-


Berry Smoothie - blended with almond milk, 1/2 an avocado and egg whites. Can throw in some desiccated coconut, nuts and honey for extra flavour and nutrition.


3 egg omelette with turkey bacon or turkey mince


Turkey breast with lots of salad leaves dressed with olive oil and lemon juice


Cod with sweet potato and green veg (I love m some broccoli!!)


Lean protein + vegetables and a healthy fat (coconut oil, avocado or nuts)

Slow cooker stews with a ton of veg are brilliant for dinners.

I try to keep dinner low carb and high fat!


.Carrot, Cucumber and celery sticks with avo

.Mixed nuts

.Protein Shake

.Almond Butter & Apple

Also for a post-workout I have a protein shake made with water and a banana :-) SIMPLES!

I tend to make up a lot of my recipes and keep checking ingredients on the "Paleo Buddy" app to see what I am allowed.

In 2 weeks (and a not so Paleo Hen do in between!!) I have lost 5% body fat, 3kg in weight and gained a little muscle! For me, my skin has become clearer, my sleep is Undisturbed and I feel generally stronger and more focused during my workouts. It's a very strange but exhilarating feeling knowing that you are nourishing your body with good foods and reaping the benefits in the way that you feel.

So far, I would completely recommend this diet to anyone who is starting out, it's not complicated, there's no numerical system you have to stick to 100% and there are plenty of foods you can experiment with! It's also fab for those who are looking to feel healthier on the inside and wanting to loose a little extra fat.

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