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#1Why You're not losing fat


BIG Mistakes you are making.

Fat Loss Help

- Following someone else's plan (including famous people)

- Piecing together a diet from various info

- Using temporary fad diets

- Fasting / Starving yourself

Consider the future you:

If you do the things Ive listed above you will most certainly end up with no muscle or bone density. Osteoporosis, hormonal disfunction, and weak joints. Basically zimmer frame city, and for what? So you can momentarily look 'skinny' in a bikini for 2 days on holiday before the breakfast buffet and cocktails kick in.

Look beyond your nose

Its really simple:

1- Most common problem -

Eat more than 1000 calories a day because thats NOT enough for anyone!!

- Eat whole foods as a priority over processed foods or supplements.

- Supplements like protein shakes are there for convenience and rapid digestion.

- Nutrient dense foods which are usually whole foods.

- Try to enjoy your food, there are loads of incredible clean eating recipes out there.

- Create conditions that allow your body to feel safe which will allow progression.

- Keep fast release carbs to a minimum and eat them around the times you workout.

- Eat fibrous veg

- Get an expert to make you a customised nutrition plan.

Your body can only go for so long losing weight on a restricted diet and then it will plateu. If output is too high and input is too low it can't functional healthy levels resulting in a panic which then goes into survival mode.

Fat loss does not happen once your body is in this state.

Its also no good for your hormonal function, stress levels or emotional well being. So why are you doing it then?

Calculate your BASAL: Its really helpful to know what your Basal Metabolic Rate is (find a calculator on line) then you will know how many calories you burn a day when you are at rest.

If you are stuck with fat loss do these things:

- Get on the scales - face the issue at hand.

- Get your body fat measured if you can.

- Start recording what you are eating if only for a few days to get an idea of whats going on (I use MyNetDiary).

- Check you're eating enough protein (about 1-1.5 grams per pound of body weight)

- Calculate your BASAL

- Start eating whole foods rather than processed stuff

- Try prepping food for work

- Increase calories a little - TRUST!

- Find out how many calories your workouts use up.

- Eat heavy in the morning and lighter in the evening

- Don't wait until you're starving to eat.

- Drink water - I know its boring!

- Have a cheat day ONCE a week and don't feel guilty

- Don't be afraid to eat fat because you need it for hormonal and brain function

Trust that being in deficit all the time is not helping you.

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