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Written Testimonials

" Ive found a love for myself, a love that Ive missed all my life and that is something I am very grateful for. I am so excited to see what life has to bring now. What the girls have given me is a gift, its the complete package"


"I am really proud of my glutes, I never though I'd say that but Ive focused and achieved exactly what I wanted. The mindset work has helped me become the person I was looking for"



"I didn't think I could make it work because Im so busy but it has changed my life and will continue to change my life, Im not going back to my old ways, this is the new me. Ive saved myself so much money, probably the best investment Ive ever made"


"Ive always done a lot of exercise and I wasn't seeing the results. I didn't have definition and I was wobbly. Its been a revelation to realise how much I can eat! Ive doubled some of the weights I can lift, Im really proud of myself. I feel like Ive had a transformation, its absolutely brilliant, I tell everyone I meet about it! 


"I wanted to stop eating like a teenager! You'll come out, you'll feel energised, you'll feel happy and very proud of yourself as long as you put the effort in"


"Ive joined a gym, stopped drinking beer and Ive given up smoking!! You get constant support from Yolanda and Julia. Its a great way to go through the weight loss with other people in a similar situation to you. Its not just about losing weight, its about changing the way you think about losing weight."


"For me, it was very obvious that mindset and fitness are linked. I signed up because I was at my lowest, I had really bad post natal depression. Before the Bootcamp my mindset was bad, I was very sceptical about the mindset work but after my first session with Julia my mind was blown. I was totally proven wrong!"



"I can now come back from a food slip up effortlessly which has never happened to me before. The mindset is my biggest achievement, Ive learnt to love, understand and give myself attention.  I feel like I know how to deal with everything that comes my way. Im just enjoying the journey of getting where I want to be. 



"When I started the Bootcamp I was struggling with my health and my eating habits. Before this I would never stick to an exercise programme. This Bootcamp has given me a lot more, something I can keep with me for life, its very good value and I recommend it to everybody!"



Testimonial by Julie November 2017

Dear prospective boot campers,
At 59 I was one of the oldest people joining the boot camp.

Before bootcamp I was someone who was exercising nearly every day, quite frankly knocking myself out. I was totally exhausted by my regime, but continued with it due to fear of failure. As a result of my obsession, my body went into total overdrive.

I developed allergies and could hardly eat anything. I also developed thyroid problems, which in turn contributed to weight gain, anxiety and total exhaustion. It was a vicious circle from which I could not escape. 
I used to work with Yolanda, so I was aware of her passion for physical fitness and everything involving body maintenance. On hearing about her Transformation Bootcamp, I was intrigued with the prospect of undertaking a planned workout routine.

I must admit to being a little sceptical, to say the least, on the mindset side of the Bootcamp. Despite this scepticism it felt like the right thing to do given the position I found myself in.
Well here I now am. Having gone through a programme with the Transformation Bootcamp and undertaken an extension. I am now on a second extension and loving every minute of it. I have met such lovely team mates. Watched them transform and their skin glow from their new healthier diets.
It has not been easy. Early morning starts for training and the total overhaul of foods took some getting used to. But my word! What a difference all the advice and structure has done for me. I feel fantastic. I am less tired, have dropped body fat and gained muscle giving my body definition. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally fixed yet. I still have a way to go. I’ve yet to get out there and train by myself, a little daunting I know, but I have had the right guidance and support to do it.
This is where the mindset comes in with Julia. I’m a bit of a hardnosed woman who just “gets on with things”. I had no time for this sort of thing! That’s the story about myself that I lived by.
Well that is no more!

Julia has worked her magic on me and opened trapped emotions that I had never even contemplated were within me. This might sound ridiculous, but it has made me feel lighter and calmer.

I’m up for this now. I have even putting myself forward to act as a guinea pig for her new therapy treatment of Kinesiology. I think I’m on my way to becoming a little less like Marmite to people! I’m not kidding here.
Take the same step that I did and join the Transformation Bootcamp. I can promise you Yolanda and Julia will help, guide and make you see yourself in a different light.


Have a happy journey.

"The days I get to come to a TeamYo class are my favourite days of the week. Yolanda is inspirational and motivational and has genuinely changed my life for the better. Not for the faint of heart!"


"Yes the Bootcamp is life changing. I didn't join the bootcamp programme to lose weight, more to change my mind mindset and refocus. What Yolanda and Julia have done will remain with me for a lifetime.


Nutritionally I'm am now really aware of the balance I need to keep energised. Physically at 45 I am at my healthiest! The extra support, group work, one to Ones and webinars are unique to a bootcamp.


You are identified as an individual - someone who will respond differently to your counterparts and given a personal journey where you learn to control your own milestones for the rest of your life.


I can't wait for the next one. In the meantime I will continue to go to as many classes as possible and see Yolanda and Julia for personal sessions too. Thank you so much ladies.


I recommend this to everyone who feels it's time to change their mindset for good! It takes determination and focus but worth every single early morning training session!!"


"Zumba classes with Yolanda are absolutely brilliant. She brings such energy and enthusiasm to each class, it is completely infectious. If you have had a bad day Yolanda's classes are guaranteed to lift your spirits and you leave with a smile on your face.


The weight loss impact has also been amazing, I have lost over 2 stone in such a short time after taking these classes. I would thoroughly recommend TeamYo Zumba to everyone"      



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