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"The mindset is my biggest achievement, Ive learnt to love, understand and give myself attention.  I feel like I know how to deal with everything that comes my way. Im just enjoying the journey of getting where I want to be. 



"I didn't think I could make it work because Im so busy but it has changed my life and will continue to change my life, Im not going back to my old ways, this is the new me. Ive saved myself so much money, probably the best investment Ive ever made"


"What the girls have given me is a gift"


""Don't miss it!"


"Its brilliant, something that will change your life forever"


"Im in such a better place and my children are feeling it too"



"You are supported every centimetre of the way. Thats why its worth it's weight in gold. You can't put a price on happiness"


"You realise that people feel the same way as you do. It feels safe, really safe"


"My biggest achievement is coming to a place of body confidence. I did not think that was possible!"


My whole body changed.


I lost 10kg (22lbs) I was really happy and carried on eating the right way. 

I want a six pack so Ive carried on following my nutrition plan and I now go to the gym on my own!



When I started the transformation Bootcamp it felt right, like I belonged to a team. I had amazing support from Yolanda and Julia. It was eye opening to be around these women who had the same goal as I did.

I lost a stone and three inches off my waist. I feel amazing and strong and like I can achieve anything. Yeh its great!


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