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Transformation Bootcamp Terms:

1 Choosing our services/bootcamp details 


1.1 By choosing to enter into the bootcamp prior to the course starting, you will have returned our completed booking form. You may cancel this at any time within 14 days of your signed agreement. If you choose to do this you must contact us before the course start. This can be by telephone or in writing. If in writing this must be received by us, no later than the end of the 14 day period. 

1.2 We reserve the right to refuse your application at our sole and absolute discretion. 

1.3 We will send you written confirmation of your start date, and details once approved. 

1.4 All participants must be 18 or over 


2 Providing the bootcamp and our services to you 


2.1 We will use reasonable skill and care when we provide the Services to you. 

2.2 Any advice or information, whether spoken or in writing, provided by us to you will not create any guarantee. 

2.3 We accept no liability whatsoever for any loss or damages occurred during our classes or using our instructional material. 

2.4 There may be occasions where we have to change amend some of the course content or structure. If this happens we will aim to let you know as soon as possible, unless this is due to an emergency. If this happens, we will endeavour to minimise any disruption, and will ensure sufficient content or replacements are offered. You will not be entitled to a refund. 

2.5 Our staff are no qualified medically or in nutrition advice is given as guidance only. We strongly recommend that you seek medical advice if you have any conditions or doubts before attending our bootcamp or any of our services. 

2.6 We are not responsible for any loss, damage or theft to any property you bring into any of our classes or exercise sessions. 


3 Your use of the Services 


3.1 You agree to use the Service in line with these terms and conditions and also in line with all relevant laws, regulations and licences as may be amended from time to time. 


4 Our charges and paying for the Services 


4.1 The bootcamp or any of our services offered will be liable to a one off fee. This will be payable before the course start date. We will write to you 14 days in advance to ask for payment or will continue when booking. 

4.2 We may agree to provide payments in two instalments, this will need to be agreed prior to the course start date. You will be expected to pay on the given payment dates. You agree to the prices and payment terms given. 

4.3 All Rates quoted include VAT 

4.4 If you miss the payment date or fall behind on a payment plan, we may reserve the right to charge reasonable administration fees, suspend your membership or cancel the bootcamp before completion of programme. 

4.5 We may charge interest at 4% above Barclays Bank plc's base rate (from time to time) on any amount that is still due 30 days after the due date in line with these terms and conditions. This interest will start to apply from 30 days after the due date for payment and will accrue each day until you pay the total amount you owe, whether or not this agreement has ended. Please also note that we may in 

such circumstances suspend or end your Services immediately. 

4.6 You agree to pay all reasonable costs incurred when collecting any outstanding sums from you, including any agents or solicitors costs. 


5 Your personal information and privacy 


5.1 You agree that we may retain and process the personal information that you give us including information relating to yourself, your address and other details for purposes including marketing, business creation and development, management reporting, communications both manually and/or on a computer database, and that we will be the data controller for this information. 

5.2 Unless you have already notified us otherwise you agree we may also use your data for marketing purposes. This may include providing your data to carefully selected third parties. If you do not want to receive marketing material from us or our associated companies, then you should advise us of this immediately by contacting us via email or phone. 


6 Website 


6.1 TeamYo, is the owner of any intellectual property rights. Any information and material that is published on our website, social media pages is owned by Team Yo. All intellectual property rights, logos or trade marks, are property of Team Yo. Such information should not be shared, imitated or used without prior written permission. 


6.2 The Services are only meant for Private Use. You must not use the Services for business or commercial purposes, or resell or supply the Services to anyone else. We reserve the right to monitor your usage on our online portal for patterns, to check whether your usage is consistent with that to be expected of private use. If, following such checks, we believe that the Services are not being used for Private Use, we reserve the right upon such notice as we consider appropriate to do any of the following (such right not to be exercised unreasonably): 


7 Accessing our pages, websites and social media 


7.1 We will endeavour to make sure that the information is kept up to date and accessible as possible. There may be occasions where we cannot guarantee this. Any logins to our website or social media pages, must not be given to any third parties 


8 Material provided to us. 


8.1 We may take and use any material you provide to us by email, websites, social media or any other medium. You will waive any moral right to such material. 


8.2 By submitting your testimonial, you agree that TeamYo, may use and publish your name, voice, video, and all materials you have submitted. You agree that you are not entitled to any financial compensation for the use of this material. 


8.3 you agree that you must not to transmit or receive any material that may be considered illegal, defamatory, offensive, racist, obscene, indecent, menacing or allow someone else to do these things. 


8.4 You agree that TeamYo has no obligation to use your testimonial. 


8.5 You agree that: 


8.5.1 You made your testimonial voluntarily 

8.5.2 It contains your opinion and is based on your own experiences 

8.5.3 It is true and correct to the best of your knowledge 

8.5.4 You were not influenced in any way and have not received or been promised anything of value in exchange for this testimonial 

8.5.5You are not a family member or employee of TeamYo

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