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Fitness Nutrition Mindset

8 Weeks

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The Transformation Bootcamp

An 8 week course that focuses on every aspect of your being from the inside out. When you feel good everything else follows. The most comprehensive and elevating experience bringing together fitness, strength, nutrition, mindset and a good dose of teamwork.

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Free trials and Subscriptions 

Online Home and Gym Workouts

Choose from the live home workout channel which has 9 live workouts a week! Including body weight, resistance bands and weight training. For the gym goers join our gym workout channel which includes workout plans and a comprehensive bank of narrated exercises and full workouts.

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MIndset Course

Online courses live and self guided

Courses for all including mindset, inner work, clearing blocks and manifestation. Nutrition courses such as dieting made simple and how to maximise your health. For the body courses on posture for the seated worker and injury management and many more. All suitable for the beginner.

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