IEMT & Mindset

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An online beginners course giving you insight and awareness into your understanding of emotion and your inner guidance systems.

This course can bring you a lot of clarity on what might be keeping you stuck and how to break free from those patterns.

The information can be applied to most problems and is suitable for anyone interested in revealing their emotional potential.

The course has home learning elements and I teach live once a week on a private FB page.

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Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is a developing area rapid change work that explores the area of undesired emotions and our ways of being.


The process explores the question, "How did we learn to feel the way that we do?" 


IEMT essentially works as the client holds the problem and its imagery in mind whilst being led to move the eyes in different directions.


This brief and simple method can lead to rapid release and relief.


IEMT tends to work very well for trauma, phobias, anxiety, depression and feeling over-reactive.


IEMT often succeeds in bringing positive change where traditional therapy has not worked.

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