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The Transformation Bootcamp



Key Features

3x weight training session per week. Suitable for beginners.

Various workout times and replay options.

Customised nutrition plan with unlimited adjustments.

Daily check ins to keep you accountable.

Online live mindset coaching.

Private members only Facebook Group of like minded women.

Support and advice available 12 hours a day.

Online learning platform with weekly articles and videos.

Body Optimisation

Rebalance body composition (muscle to fat ratio)

Posture correction (strengthen muscles)

Build strength and definition.

Improve body shape and firmness.

Increase stamina, fitness and energy levels. 

Rebalance hormones to optimise metabolism efficiency

Increase bone density and improve health.

Reduce pain through the body.

Unlimited nutritional advice to optimise your overall functioning.

Mindset Coaching

Increase self motivation

Build self confidence and trust

Develop clarity and focus

Feel calmer and more relaxed

Improved self image 

Feel fully energised and increase productivity

Improved decision making

Gain a better connection with yourself and your relationships

Greatly improve general feeling of happiness



You will be coached by me in person over your 8 week programme. Until the age of 30 I was overweight, in my 20's I was obese, I was not sporty as a young person.  


I created the Transformation Bootcamp because I know what it takes to create a total transformation. I discovered that the body and mind have to work together, an aspect very much neglected by mainstream weight loss programmes.



You will be doing 3 x online live weight training classes a week. You will follow a structured programme that periodises different kinds of weight training so that you can burn fat, build muscle, tone and get stronger. The workouts also help balance hormones.


You will learn how to use equipment competently and safely and you will gain huge amounts of confidence when you find out what you are physically capable of. These workouts are designed for beginners.



 The mindset programme is delivered online and in person. This part of the work is the basis for all change. 


You will overcome some of your biggest limiting beliefs by changing your perspective, understanding your core patterns of behaviour and finally by clearing away unhelpful patterns that have been holding you back for many years.



The goal here is to lose weight by eating! You are going to discover the maximum amount of food you can eat and still lose fat from your body. The focus is on changing body composition to lose fat and gain muscle which will have a huge impact on your physical and emotional health.


You will learn all about strategy, what to eat and when so that you can understand how and why this easy and flexible way of eating works with your body and not against it.

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