Frequently asked questions

How can I find out more about Bootcamp?

Click on the 'more info' link andrequest a call back from Yolanda herself! The call will not be a sales call, I will simply answer your questions and let you know what to expect from doing a Bootcamp.

What times are the Bootcamp workouts?

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 6:30am Monday, Thursday and Friday 19:15pm Each session is an hour

Where are the workouts?

They are all held at The Fitness Hub: Preston Circus (near the main station) Units 5-6, Circus Parade
New England Road

Is there parking?

You can park up to 9am for free on the road. You can park in the attached car park (vantage point) for £1.50 per hour

What if I have a holiday planned?

Not a problem! I will give you all the strategies to work with this so you can still treat yourself! Most people have a holiday over the 8 weeks, I also have a lot of people who travel for work.

I have an injury

Please request a call back and we can have a chat about your injury. I will make an honest assessment wether or not I have the expertise to work with your particular injury. We also have a designated sports therapist who can assess you and make recommendations for your programme.

Im very weak / unfit.

Weak and unfit people are perfect for this Bootcamp. You will recieve all the support you need to build your strength and confidence. If you are concerned about injury we have a designated sports therapist that you can speak to.

I hate the gym!

You will be working in a small group of women who are all learning how to use equipment and discovering the endless benefits of weight training. You will never be alone, you will never get bored. You will love the gym by the time you graduate from this programme because your experience will be very positive and rewarding.

I like to drink alcohol

Please request a call with me and we will agree a strategy for managing this.

I feel self concious.

You will be joining a team of women all starting a journey that feels a bit scary. Everyone is in the same boat and you will be suprised at how supportive, welcoming and friendly everyone is, you will support eachother every day. Anyone who is following the call to grow and improve is taking a brave step and here at Bootcamp we fully appreciate how much courage that takes. The Bootcamp team will make you feel welcome and wanted because we love people who want to better themselves.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes! You can pay over 3 or 4 instalments, each payment will coinside with monthly pay days.

Do you have nutrition plans for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes the food handbook contains information about vegetarian and vegan food, including the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates in eat type of food to make it easy for you to put meals together that are healthy and balanced.

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