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Yolanda started as a fitness instructor in 2010 having taken a huge career leap from adult social care.


Teaching Zumba, weight training and HIIT in a fun and expressive way.


Yolanda studied Dance and Visual Art at the University of Brighton as well as the art of Flamenco for 7 years. 

Yolanda has dedicated her life to her physical and emotional transformation.

Having overcome being very overweight all of her early life, she discovered weight training age 31 and soon realised that this would be the exercise of choice from that moment on. She has benefited from the skin tightening firmness, definition, health and strength that weight training brings.

Having started her fitness journey much later than most, she wanted to help others realise how good they can feel from the inside out.

Yolanda is self taught but has taken the time to qualify in PT level 2&3, nutrition coaching, IEMT (integral eye movement therapy) and is currently completing a diploma on hypnotherapy.

Yolanda knows that where the mind goes the body follows so she developed The Transformation Bootcamp a few years ago which uses an extremely effective combination of fitness, mindset and nutrition to reveal your emotional and physical potential.

The results were so profound that even Yolanda was shocked at how well the women taking part were responding to this style of coaching. She soon discovered that what she was doing is unique.

Investing time to stop, stand back at look at each individuals emotional and mental blocks to progress, identifying the problems so they can be worked on over the 8 weeks appears to be liberating the women from negative cycles they have been stuck in for years.

Yolanda hates diet and exercise fads and strongly believes in giving you right information and combining that with the right thinking for long term change.

Yolanda includes every facet of your being to re connect you back to you.

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